Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas | Interior Design 2021

Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas


Interior Design 2021

Today I’m going to tell you how you can design your home in grand style. I’m sure you can apply these tips and tricks to any type of space and achieve amazing results.


Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

let’s start it is the first and the most important thing that you should take into consideration is boldness if you want to achieve a glamorous look in your home. you know when they say go big or go home.

I think this idea completely matches with this design style because you have much more freedom so you have to be able to give both decisions. crystals mirrored furniture velvet and silky textures extreme headboard silver and gold details are a must for a glam look.

In this design style, you shouldn’t just focus on having one bold piece but you should rather have that same boldness in every part of the room.

for example, if you have a nice chandelier with crystals in your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use crystals in your bedroom again you can match it with some bedside lamp that has rich details with crystals.

So like I said before there is no need to be shy about having several bold pieces in the space but you always have to remember that every little part of the room should be designed with huge care to achieve a harmonious glam look.


Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

Because we mostly stick to the neutral colors and glam design textures play a significant role. The mixture of many different textures is highly desired in this design style and it will make the space much more rich looking and also sophisticated.

So don’t be scared to mix different textures such as Lenin, leather, silk cashmere thread, and many different ones.


Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

You should always incorporate metal items in your glam interior because metals can create richness as well as elegance in the space there are many different options such as silver, gold, brass, rose gold you can choose whatever you want but you have to be careful about few things that I will mention right now:

1.You should be careful about is the tone of the metal you choose. what I mean by that is you should always try to use the same shade as much as possible.

for example, if you use a warm gold tone on your pendant light you should try to use a warm gold tone on your bedside lamps too and the reason is that small differences in shades can turn your elegance into a cheap-looking and disharmonious look. so you have to be careful about that.

2.You shouldn’t make so many different metal colors in your space.

for example, if you want to use gold and silver in your space you should just stick with that and not add any other colors like bronze or rose gold.


Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

This is one of the most important things that is mostly misunderstood in my opinion because some people think that glam design doesn’t allow you to use contrast materials in the space, so they just think that glam designs a pink or gray room with some sparkly details.

however, this is not even close to reality because in glam design we want people to use contrasting materials in the space. you can still use pink or gray shades but you have to create some contrast between the materials.

for example, if you choose shiny furniture for your space you can go ahead and choose a mate floor to create some contrast in the space.

If your furniture is mostly polished and even you can go ahead and choose some rough decorations and concrete creating some contrast in the space will make it look much bolder visually rich and also elegant.


Top 5 Glam Interior Design Ideas

Sophisticated space is elegant appealing and refined, to achieve a sophisticated look you have to blend the materials through proper planning.

It’s a good idea to mix rich fabrics such as silk, velvet because this material can bring much more sophistication into your space and also make it much more glam.

I just want to clarify something that I’ve heard a lot because it’s not true, just glam is not about having expensive stuff in your homes such as expensive furniture or an expensive piece of art but rather it’s about how you blend everything smoothly in the space.

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So even if you don’t have expensive furniture in your home you can still create sophistication and create a glam look in your house.

If you have read this blog till here thank you so much it means a lot to me and I appreciate that please stay safe until I see you next time take care bye-bye.

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