The Latest Bathroom Design 2021

The Latest Bathroom Design 2021 |The Bathroom Space Should Be Designed Like This!

2021 bathroom design

With the pandemic we are experiencing, many homeowners are taking the opportunity to improve their interiors, including their bathrooms. We already know that updating a bathroom is one of the most direct ways to increase a home’s value.

If you are thinking of a renovation or simply a refreshing of your bathroom, here are the major decoration trends that are emerging for 2021-2022. One thing is certain: a trend that is here to stay and which is even constantly increasing is desire. people to buy good quality, durable and resistant products.

1.Black Shadow

The black bathroom is unique and mysterious, but like the little black dress in your closet, the black bathroom can also be updated and creative.

In modern apartment design, black is not painted from head to toe, but the latest matte black tiles are mixed with hot metal and creamy white tiles to create a hot bathroom atmosphere. At present, many health companies have produced black bathroom products.

2. The tile

Terrazzo will continue to be trendy and even leave the sole function of covering the floor to be used everywhere in tiles! Terrazzo tiles have it all and are far from new: this composite material has been used for more than 500 years to recover fragments of marble, which were set in cement. We love it because of its always unique texture, its mix of colors, and its glittery mineral aspect.

Apart from this trend, terrazzo tiles will be quite trendy, with neutral and natural colors.

In return, here is what will be less trendy in 2021: hexagonal tiles, pink, and rose gold, already neglected by designers for some time.

3. Wood and marble

These two natural materials will be more trendy this year in the bathroom trends. They are representative of a return to simplicity, and the importance of varying textures.

Marble can be used as a floor tile, in a shower, on vanity counters, and even as a sink; wood can serve as an accent for vanity and other storage like shelves, but we also like it a lot in these unexpected versions, as a covering on the ceiling or the wall.

4. Plants

You can’t miss it: many inspirational photos these days feature jungle bathrooms, filled with plants. And traditionally, the bathroom is not a place where you grow a lot of plants, but . why not? If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with beautiful natural light, this is a great place for them to thrive! Many tropical plants need much more moisture than our overheated homes can provide in winter.

Some people are even taking this trend further, by keeping plants permanently in a large shower . Definitely not applicable everywhere, but interesting to note the phenomenon!

5.Plain and elegant white

Bathrooms with monochromatic and neutral elements are very popular in modern urban spaces and will remain in trend in the next few years. The space looks simple and modern.

White walls are used to create a bright visual sense. The marble countertops and wooden floors are more comfortable in terms of experience and looks luxurious . With the addition of small furniture and accessories  the entire bathroom looks like an old jewelry box.

6. Glass shower doors

It is a central element to the look of a bathroom, but still easy enough to change because it does not involve plumbing. Updating the shower door not only refreshes the bathroom but also makes it easier to maintain!

Indeed, many new glass shower doors come with stain-resistant protection and are made to be cleaned in just a few minutes! No one wants to spend hours cleaning their bathroom; this type of shower door is not going to go out of fashion, both for its sleek design and for its easy maintenance.

7.Natural and original with mirrors

what can I say about mirrors they instantly make space look more luxurious, opens up space, a bathroom without mirrors is incomplete!

 The vintage mirror is selected to complement the elements in the bathroom, and the exterior tiles are added to give more elegant look.

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I hope this post inspired you on how you should design your bathroom space and let us know which one was your favorite?

Dare to build your dream home!

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