How to Design Small Bedroom | Small Bedroom Design Tips 2021

 Small Bedroom Design Tips 2021


How to Design Small Bedroom?

You think that your bedroom is extremely small and you’re struggling to find a design that functions very well and also gives you a static pleasure without causing chaos in the room.

you feel like nothing works for your space today I’m going to tell you smart tips and tricks to design a small bedroom so if you have a small bedroom or you’re designing one right now this blog is just perfect for you


The first and the most important thing that you should consider if you are dealing with a small bedroom because as our space is small, we have to use it very wisely and get rid of any unnecessary items in the space.

I know this might take some time but trust me it works. As we all know a bedroom is supposed to be relaxing and breathable so decluttering is a must and it will also help you to find out the stuff that you want to keep in your space or throw away.

so, when you start buying stuff that you need in your space it will be easier to create a shopping list for your real needs so you don’t have to spend your money on the things that are not going to work for your space. so basically, it will help you to use your money wisely, therefore it’s best to declutter your space before you start your design process.


Mood Board and inspiration board is a physical or digital arrangement of image colors patterns textures that are intended to project a particular concept design .so a mood board can be a great tool when you are trying to decide what kind of style you want to go in your small bedroom because you can try different colors different textures to find out what suits your tastes.


It’s also a helpful way to see how the color in furniture textures and basically everything is going to look like when you finish your design .so if you don’t like anything you don’t have to waste your time by buying the item and then just not liking it. so you can make sure that everything is going to look how you imagined. so, it’s a great way, if you feel like you may not be able to do it on your laptop that’s completely fine you can just print some images that you want to use in your bedroom and bring them together on a physical board.

It will just do the same thing for you so that you can see the design before you buy stuff.


Furniture sizes can vary in a very large gap for any type of space, so it might be a little bit hard and tricky to find the right one for your small bedroom because you shouldn’t only just try to find smaller furniture but you should also stick to an appropriate scale to create a sense of unity in the space. however, it’s one of the most important things that you should consider if you want to have a harmonious look in your space.

can you imagine having a king-size bed in a small bedroom it will just make space look even much smaller and also it will just cause a congestive feeling in the space?

If you’re not sure whether the size of the furniture is right for your space or not you can take the width and the length of that furniture in a rectangular shape on your floor and this will give you a better sense of that piece in your room.

smaller furniture will trick your mind that the space is actually big and also it will help you to incorporate more items that you need into your space.


This is one of the obvious ones but it’s really important light colors are a must when you are dealing with a small space. light colors will not only make your space look bigger but they will also help you to relax easily in your bedroom where you most need it. you can perhaps use light shades of blue-gray pink or any other color but you just have to make sure that the shade is light and it will blend with the whole design.


Dark colors, on the other hand, will absorb the light and it will make your space look much smaller so we don’t go for dark colors in a small space.


One of the biggest problems that small bedrooms my experience are a lack of storage and I do understand that so many people put shelves everywhere in their room to have more storage but this can cause a chaotic look in a small space.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use shelves in your space but you have to know how to incorporate shelves into your bedroom and there’s a specific cool and easy way to do that. before you place anything on your shelves you can use small baskets to put your stuff in and it will also give you a neat and clean feeling in the space. perhaps you can also opt for Wall units with covers so that you can also keep the privacy of your stuff in your bedroom.

you can use the top part of the shelf to display your decorations but you have to make sure that you don’t put so many things that are going to cause chaos in the space.


Reflective surfaces such as mirrors and metals can amplify the natural sunlight and it can give you a spacious feeling when they are placed correctly in a small bedroom.

If you locate any kind of reflective surface opposite a window this will reflect the natural sunlight into the room so that your room is going to appear much larger. if your room is narrow you can place two reflective surfaces on both sides of the room and this will give an illusion of a wider space.

If you don’t have a space to hang your mirror in your room you can choose a wardrobe with two mirrors or if you don’t want to buy a wardrobe you can use additive mirrors on the panels of your wardrobe.


I think the minimalistic approach is the best if you are dealing with a small space because it has more potential to create a calm neat and tidy look for space which we all want to.

when you start using so many different colors textures and patterns this can make your room look smaller and comfortless and it can also be visually tiring.


You should focus on creating focal points in your bedroom this will create an illusion and also make people focus on what you want them to focus on and distract them from the size of the space.

A focal point can be anything it could be your bed or a huge size art on the wall or a potted plant on the corner of your room or anything else. There is another thing that I want to explain that instead of a collection of small objects you should focus on one that expresses you and your lifestyle at most.

Having fewer objects in your bedroom will make you look much more spacious and also it will create a calm and cozy space for your sleeping.


Transparent Furniture doesn’t cover space visually and therefore when your space is small, transparent types of furniture can help to keep the visual continuity in the space, and as a result that your bedroom is going to look much larger.

There are so many different transparent furniture options that you can include in your space it could be an acrylic chair a glass desk bedside table or even a shelf.

If you are feeling creative you can also go ahead and make your transparent piece of furniture for your space with acrylic paints that you can find pretty everywhere on Amazon eBay or any other online stores.


Lighting is very important for any type of space but when it comes to a small space it’s even much more significant you should always avoid using one source of light in a small space. one source of light which can be a pendant lamp floor lamp or any other lamp brightens only a particular part of the space and the rest of the room will stay and dark and as a result of that, it will look much smaller.

I think several lights at different layers in your room will help you to create an equal amount of brightness everywhere and as a result of that it’s going to look much more pleasant and also it will create an illusion of a bigger space.


Simply, you shouldn’t buy anything unnecessary for your space as every little inch is very important and should be used wisely, it’s not a good thing to fill the space with inessential items.

I know it might be tempting to buy some stuff but you should always ask yourself that do you need that thing and do you think that you can incorporate that into your room and does it work the price.

so just ask these questions to yourself before you buy anything.


There are ideal ways to plan the furniture layout in the space. for example, we always try not to put the bed just right in front of the door because if someone opens the door wrongly the first thing that they are going to see is going to be you on the bed. so, we don’t want that or we always try to leave at least 50 centimeters from both sides of the bed for easy access for both people.

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however, if you are dealing with a small bathroom, we have to be much more flexible with the furniture layout to have extra space. so even though it’s not the best option you can push your bed on the corner to have some extra space for other furniture.


If you are planning to buy new furniture for your small bedroom you should consider investing in furniture that you can use for multiple purposes.

I don’t know how big is the house is in your country you can let me know in the comment section below but in India, the houses are extremely small so multifunctional furniture is the first thing that I suggest to my clients if their bedroom is small.

The most common and convenient most functional furniture is the foldable ones that you can fold away when you don’t use them such as foldable beds, foldable tables, foldable chairs.

There are also foldable bags that you can use to store your clothes if you don’t have any space to place a board report chest of drawers in your space.

Movable furniture is also quite useful when it comes to small spaces because when you need that space for something else you can easily move the furniture away and you can put it back when you’re done.

If you feel like you can create your multifunctional furniture. I believe it’s a great option because you can optimize your furniture depending on your needs and what you want to see in your space.


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