Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks

Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks | Transform your Rental House into a Home 2021

Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks 2021


Limitations of a typical rental contract might be frustrating when you want to put your stamp on your house but I just want to remind you that challenges are always good because they make you create smart solutions and this is what we are going to talk about on this blog today

I will show you how you can turn your rental house into a place that you can call home without wasting any money and also breaking your rental home agreement if this is something that you are interested in just keep reading.

Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks

If you’re not allowed to paint your walls self-adhesive wallpapers can be a great choice for you because they don’t harm the walls and mess up with your deposit then you want to move out.
There are so many different options on the markets and you can find them easily online as well. you can choose the flowery design geometrical forms textured one’s abstract designs or star designs or maybe just a basic color if you are not happy with the painting in the space. You may also consider applying gold papers to a particular part of the wall to highlight and define that space.

Application is also really easy and you don’t need any type of tools or skills. you can only use a glass cleaner to press the wallpaper onto the wall and then it’s done.
if you decide to move out in the future it’s also very easy to remove so I suggest you use wallpapers in your rental house because this is one of the easiest and also cheapest ways to change the feeling in the space.
I just want to warn you about two small things about wallpapers and the first one is that if you are planning to buy wallpapers online you should always order some samples before you buy more because sometimes it might not look the same as in the pictures or it might not match in your design when you see them in your space.
so it’s always best to have some samples and you can check if it’s going to match in your design and after that, you can order more.

The second thing is that if you are buying wallpapers for a small space you should always go for bigger patterns to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Renter Friendly Decorating Hacks

This option works well for furniture that is kind of old or out of fashion you can completely transform them into new pieces without damaging the surfaces underneath.
vinyl furniture wraps are also great if you are someone who wants to be able to change the design of the home regularly because you can remove them easily whenever you need a change as they just look like a sticker on the furniture you can enjoy different styles and colors at very affordable prices essentially.

I have covered my wardrobe and two chests of drawers and I think I used five rolls and it only cost me around fifty pounds similar to wallpapers there are so many different options and it makes it easier to create your unique design in your rental home you can choose a matte or glossy finish playing colors pattern options marble or wood effects there are so many different options and you can also mix and match different ones to express your style in your home you.

Another good thing about these vinyl furniture wraps is that they are nearly suitable for any type of surface like metals, plastic, wood, and many different ones and you don’t need any type of skills or tools to apply them. so I highly suggest you make your research on this option and personalize your rental house on a budget.

The use of plants in modern interior design is getting more and more popular every day and I believe that plants are part of nature and it’s always good to have some natural elements in the space and the reason is that they make every space much more appealing welcoming and peaceful. I always say living things keep the space alive as well.

Apart from the aesthetic pleasure plants are also really good for human health, it reduced stress and anxiety and lower your blood pressure and make you feel calm, they also filter the air and as a result of that, they improve the quality of the air in the space.
you may not know but plants are also very good at fighting negativity and alone after I’ve told you all of these benefits if you still feel like you may not be able to stay here for real plants you can just get an artificial one to create a visual interest in your rental home it will still help and make a big change in your space.


I’ve seen some artificial plants that kind of looks real and you can give it a try and see if you will like them or not.

I can say that artwork is one of the most individual and personal ways of upgrading around the house, every person enjoys different types of art so it can be called as the self-expression of who you are I do suggest you choose a piece of art that reflects you to create individuality in your rental house.

when I say artwork I don’t necessarily only mean paintings but it can also be photographed. I think your photograph that motivates you can be a great way of feeling happy and inspired all the time when you spend time at home. you can also have some photographs that remind you of the nice times with your loved ones and this will also keep your spirits up all the time.

I just want to say that interior design is all about textures and contrasting those textures to add some depth and interest to space and soft furnishings are the easy and affordable way to make space look much cozier and welcoming.

soft furnishings candy pillows cushions, rugs, curtains, fittings and throws, and so on. The advantage of operating around some houses with soft furnishings is that you can bring them to another house. If you decide to move out in the future so it’s not a waste of money at all and it’s not going to be hard to switch to another style if you feel bored in your design at your rental house and just quick information that apart from making the interior much more appealing they will also contribute to the noise reduction and make the sounds less.

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your rental house style your items in other words improve what you already have. If you have purchased some decoration soft furnishings or any other things and you’re not happy with how they look in your space you can easily transform them into great pieces by painting them covering them.

Thank you so much for reading and stay safe until I see you next time take care bye bye

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