Minimalist Wall Mirror

Minimalist Wall Mirror |Modern Mirror Styles 2021

The Importance Of  Minimalist Wall Mirrors


Mirrors are important in several ways. They are functional, allowing us to view ourselves so we can look like we want to look, to give a room the illusion of more space and light, and decorative, as in an item that fits with your home decor.

I believe your functional mirrors are the mirrors placed in the entryway to your house, the bathroom, and the bedroom. You will choose size and decoration depending on the size of your rooms and your home decor style. It is not common knowledge that it is actually a good thing to use large mirrors in small spaces because it will cause the room to look more spacious.

When choosing a design, you can go with some of the “fancy” more trendy kind of mirrors, which will be a bit more challenging to fit with your decor, or use a more classic framed wall mirror or floor mirror, which will tend to fit with a variety of home decor designs.

I prefer the more classic, good-quality handcrafted framed mirrors than the more trendy mirrors, that tend to be of lesser quality. Obviously, whatever design you choose must fit your own needs and design ideas.

So Many Choices When Choosing Mirrors


Mirrors are so versatile! It makes them fun to work with and maybe sometimes challenging because of the incredible number of them to choose from. You want to consider their function, then you want to consider what design works best in what room.

Minimalist Wall Mirror

A mirror placed in your living room would be well placed above a fireplace or behind a couch, reflecting something that is interesting and beautiful. Your mirror should also fit with your decor design, as in matching your mirror to your furniture. If you have modern decor, you may want a wall mirror or vanity mirror that is “flashy” and can be used as a focal point.

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A traditional style would call for good quality materials, whether they are made of metal or wood. The traditional style includes quite a large range of options. There are simple mirrors with plain non- decorative frames but made with good quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Then there are the more decorative traditional style mirrors with scrolls and imprinted designs and/or painted gold or silver.

Mirrors are a really fun part of decorating your home. Some ideas may end up being trial and error. I don’t know about you, but I love to switch things around in my home on a fairly regular basis.


Keeping Your Mirrors Clean

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard from someone that they can’t get their mirrors clean, whether it be their wall mirrors, floor mirrors, vanity mirrors, or just plain glass. I know that’s true of my experience and I’m a perfectionist so it drives me nuts! Recently, I have heard about something that supposedly really does work. It’s a product called Glass Plus. One of its virtues is that it has no chemicals in it that will damage the backing on your mirrors or the edges of your mirrors.

Some people say the newspaper is good to use to clean mirrors or glass. I haven’t tried them but I’ve heard it from quite a few different people so if you try it, let me know what you think about its effectiveness.

Honestly, one of the ways I clean my mirrors satisfactorily is to use just plain water or a mixture of water and vinegar. Let me know what you use and whether you’re happy with the job it does.

Last Installment On How To Make Mirrors

The Future: Mirrors are playing a more diverse place in art and architecture with new and more advanced techniques of glassmaking. Designers are more attracted to stronger and lighter glasses. There are now some manufacturing techniques allowing builders to manufacture windows with mirrors on the outside. This improves the effectiveness of air conditioning systems by deflecting heat during the summer. It has also become a popular appearance on buildings and it is often seen on office buildings.

Minimalist Wall Mirror

Sophisticated optical applications, from microscopes and telescopes, laser-based reading systems such as compact disc players and bar code scanners will continue to be used and I’m sure new and more effective ways of building and using mirrors will continue to be advanced, although it’s hard to imagine what improvements could be made on your everyday wall mirrors, floor mirrors, vanity mirrors, etc.

How Mirrors Can Help Boost Your Self Esteem

Mirrors acknowledge our strengths, talents, and good qualities while at the same time be honest with ourselves about the things we still want to work on to change ourselves and make ourselves a better person.

So mirrors aren’t just for looking into while you put on your makeup, they can actually help you transform your life.

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