How to Style The Perfect Small Hallway

How to Style The Perfect Small Hallway | Hacks For Small Entryway 2021

How to Style The Perfect Small Hallway 2021?


Hacks For Small Entryway 2021


We always prioritize decorating other areas in our home but did you know that entryway or hallway is the first place that gives us a vibe or style of the whole space!

YES, it is the area that especially our visitors get their first impression and because of that reason, it’s really important to make them feel welcome in our space.

So today I will talk about how to style a perfect small hallway or entryway and I will also give you tips about how can you make your space look bigger if you are curious to let’s go.

Before I start explaining how to style the perfect small hallway or entryway I just want to mention few things because I think they are really important and you should think about these things before you start decorating.

When you are dealing with a small space taking measurements is important so that you don’t get disappointed when you purchase anything for that space.

Another thing is that you should think about what you expect from your whole day or entryway to provide for you. do you only want to have a sleek and minimal entryway or do you also need some storage for your jackets, for your shoes, and maybe even a small sitting area.

So once you decide on these little but important details you are ready to decorate your entryway in a way that suits your needs if you feel like you already know the answers to these questions you can now apply the tips that I’m going to talk about into your small entryway and make it look perfect and bigger.

1. choosing the right floor

How to Style The Perfect Small Hallway

The first thing that I want to talk about is that how to choose your floor for a small entryway now if you are decorating your small entryway from scratch you should use horizontal hardwood solutions rather than vertical ones to extend the width of your space and also create a visual illusion.

Using lighter laminate floor options can be also a good idea and you should go for the ones that look more homogeneous but still have some kind of texture rather than the ones that you can easily see the joint details on the packet. The reason is that because our entryway is small we don’t want people to focus on unnecessary details on the floor using the floor.

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Another thing is that there is no exact size for baseboards so choosing a tall one can also extend your space visually. If you already have a laminate floor or tiles installed in your space and you can’t do anything about that I would suggest you go for a rug that has horizontal patterns on it to again extend your space visually and make it look bigger.

Always make sure that you don’t leave so much gap between your rug and the wall so that it doesn’t make your space look smaller and narrow
let’s jump into the second tip.

2. vertical wall decor

When you choose wall decor for your small entryway you should always go for vertical ones to make your space look bigger. I think this is very similar to the idea of hanging your curtains higher to extend your space visually. so the higher you go the bigger your space is going to look.

Hanging tall and vertical paintings, posters, decorations rather than horizontal and panoramic ones that can highlight the linearity of your space is a must!

personally whatever you hang in there it really doesn’t matter but you should go for bigger statement pieces rather than tiny decor items that don’t stand out or give a strong vibe to your space and the reason is that again like I said before it is the first place that your visitors is going to see, so it’s always good to give them a general vibe of your space.

3.Colour scheme

This tip is very simple and I guess we all know that which is using light colors! lighter colors can make your space look brighter and natural sunlight bounces more on the lighter colors, which can make your space look bigger.

so I would ideally suggest you go for off-white beige or very light greys in your small entryway as your main color and for your secondary colors and the accent color you can go for darker shades and this will create a great contrast and let you identify your style.

However, if you want to go for darker shades as your main color in your small entryway you should create layered lighting to have enough brightness in your space.

Lighting is really important for any type of space but when you deal with dark colors it’s even much more significant because no one wants to have a depressed and gloomy feeling when they enter their home.

4.Creating Purposeful spaces

How to Style The Perfect Small Hallway

Let’s jump into the next step my another very important tip is that please don’t leave any dead space in your small entryway or if you don’t know what dead space is? it’s a space that doesn’t serve anything for any purpose.

for example, if you choose a small console for your entryway you will probably have that and meaningless areas next to that

So you can either choose a long linear console that looks very delicate and minimal or you can also give some kind of purpose next to the areas of a small console.
So apart from that when you have that space in your entryway it also breaks the visual continuity of your furniture so you should always design every little corner carefully and utilize it depending on your needs as I said in the beginning.

Just to clarify that this purpose can be anything so you can even put a nice pot of plants on that corner or you can go for an ottoman chair that you can also use for storage and create a small sitting place or if you need more storage in your entryway please go for the built-in wardrobes that are designed up to the ceiling and again the reason is that if you put a weird storage unit in the middle of your hallway or entryway it’s just going to break the visual continuity which we don’t want to have.


In terms of what type of ball decor you should go for in your small entryway or hallway is that I would suggest you include a mirror in that space because it can adapt and make your space look bigger or you can go for a big vertical mirror that stands out in that space and also I would suggest you to go for curved edges because it’s going to be very popular in 2021 as well.

You can add photographs that remind you of the nice memories or posters that are sentimental for you and you can also combine that with a nice vase of fresh flowers so it depends on you and what kind of feeling do you want to achieve when you enter your home.

I hope now you are going to be much more confident about designing your small entryway and also please let me know which small entryway decorating tips that you find most useful thank you so much for reading and please stay safe until I see you next time take care bye-bye.

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