Layer Home Accessories

How To Layer Home Accessories 2021

Layer Home Accessories 2021


Hey, homeowners hope you’re having an inspiring day. We have put together decorating tips and tricks that are super fun easy and inexpensive.

Layering is a home decorating technique that pulls together a cohesive and styled look while adding personality and depth. This is where the finishing touches are right. Its Soothing satisfying and a whole new level of adulting if you ask me so let’s begin.


 Home Accessories

First, the best thing is to start with the basic pieces the sofa and center or coffee table for the living room the dining table for the dining room, and the bed for the bedroom honestly even having all of these pieces still gives that empty space feel and it boosts your excitement for layering.

Starting on a blank canvas means endless potential so explore the possibilities guys.

  • Living room sofa and center or coffee table
  • Bed for bedroom
  • Dining set for dining room

2.Decor pieces

Layer Home Accessories

Next gather your décor pieces, what’s great about décor pieces is that they don’t have to be expensive. so if you’re working on a budget there are plenty of affordable options for you to choose from.

Here’s the list of the pieces that you would usually use in decorating they include:

  • Figurines
  • Jars
  • Side tables table lamps
  • Candles
  • Wall art throw
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Beddings for the bed
  • Rugs

And the list goes on another thing you can DIY your décor which is much cheaper and extra special.

The stuff needed is ready so let’s start decorating start from the bottom which means placing the rug first.

Having a rug gives you direction during the process its main job is to link all the main pieces of furniture in a space in the living room you’ll normally all have a coffee table, accent chair, and a sofa touching the rug.

3.Golden rule


Don’t forget the golden rule when it comes to picking out a rug design or color. If the furniture on your rug is patterned the rug must be solid colored. If the furniture is solid colored you can buy a patterned rug.

See how it gives texture to the room right away. you can actually add another layer of décor pieces on the rug such as books, big jars, or throw pillows but if you live with your family and you have kids who love running around in the home uh-uh we don’t recommend it.

So let us deal with putting decorations on furniture with flat surfaces like coffee tables, side tables, dining tables.

4.Creating a vignette

So this tip is actually pretty common I’m sure all of us already do it creating a vignette, in other words creating groupings.

Going back remember the power of three or rule of three is another important technique things, arranged in odd numbers are more appealing memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings

when you do the groupings remember these things:

  • Use different textures
  • Keep a light color palette
  • Don’t overcrowd
  • Don’t over accessorize
  • Add items of different size
  • Add items of different visual weight
  • Add layers of fabric sometimes less is more
  • Bigger items are better than tons of tiny accessories

Symmetry in your décor is good but not everything should be symmetrical otherwise it’s gonna look flat and boring. Decorating with shelves is sometimes hard to pull off but with the rule of three, it can be much more manageable.

Try grouping things like:

  • books
  • candles
  • vases

If they’re all the same height or size place a book or box underneath for elevation.

Now I will be sharing with you how to style a coffee table


The first item books .books is essential when it comes to styling a coffee table, they add color to the table they can also be used to add height if other objects are placed on top of the books.

You can also get them from this thrift store for a fraction of the original price. when shopping for books get medium to large size books for styling your coffee table.

2.Floral arrangement

The second item is the floral arrangement and greenery this is something that adds life to your coffee table, you can get a floral arrangement by pairing the best flowers you love or getting one that’s already prepared in a store or a place where people sell flowers.

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3. Decorative trays

The third item is a decorative tray just like books they can be used to unhide through the table.
one can add things like books to the tray, flower vases, candles, and many other things to the tray. you can get the trade depending on what you like or what you aren’t too touchy when it comes to this style you’re looking for.

when it comes to your living room you can get gold ones marble ones or even plain ones depending on what you’re going for.

4.Decorative objects

The next item is decorative objects this adds interest to your coffee table only add something that you like or something that brings out your style.

These are things like vases sculptures and such things you can add two or three decorative objects to your coffee table.


The last item is our candles this helps to set the mood of the room and also makes the room feel cozy.
you can have them on the candle stand of different heights, it can also be placed on the tray or just directly on the coffee table.

So that’s it for today’s Blog we hope you guys get inspired and if you do please take a photo and tag us on our social media. let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, thank you so much for joining me today stay well and keep inspiring your home.

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