How to Design a Gender Neutral Home | Simple Room Decorating Ideas 2021

How to Design a Gender Neutral Home 2021


Designing a home that looks gender-neutral and unisex might be a little challenging task for couples and that’s why I want to help you with it on this blog.

If you have just moved in with your partner or planning to move in soon and don’t want your house to look more on the feminine or masculine side but rather you want to have a genderless feeling in your space that can suit both you and your partner you have to read this blog until the end because I’m going to share six useful tips that can help you to design your genderless home.

By the way, if you want to decorate a room for your kids that is genderless and unisex you can still read this blog because you can apply all of these useful tips to your house and have a great room for your children if you are already curious to let’s start.

1.Genderless color

How to Design a Gender Neutral Home 2021

This is the first and the easiest tip to design your home in a gender-neutral approach and I want to say that colors don’t have specific genders like pink represents woman or blue represents men, but at the same time, we cannot ignore that these colors associated with these genders, so if you use these colors predominantly in your space while you design your home it’s very likely that it might come out very feminine or masculine.

So you should rather use these colors on your accent pieces and you should prefer other colors as your main colors and your secondary colors in your home.

Greens, yellows, and orange especially burnt orange can be a great option for a genderless home but if you don’t like the colors you can also go for neutral color schemes like grays and beige because they are also great to create a genderless feeling in your space.

2.Geometrical forms

Using geometrical forms can help you to create a unisex space. After all, they don’t give any feminine or masculine feeling into any type of space because they are not specifically identified with any type of gender and you should take advantage of that.

so what I mean by geometrical forms well there are so many ways to incorporate them into your space:

  • First of all, you can get nice decorations that are designed in simple geometrical forms
  • You can go for a rug that has geometrical patterns on it as you can see on the screen.
  • If you want to create an accent wall in your home using wallpaper that has irregular patterns on that specific world might be a good option to create a genderless feeling in your space.
  • Another great example is that if you are designing your bedroom you can go for geometrical patterns on your beddings and cushions and it will just look perfect in your house.

So like I said there are so many ways to incorporate these forms into your house and you should use them in your space.

3.Abstract Art

How to Design a Gender Neutral Home 2021

When you choose your art pieces for your home you should go for abstract art.
If you want to create a gender-neutral home because abstract art doesn’t contain any physical representation of things like how they put flowers and floral paintings or how they put specific human faces in portraits.

So basically it has much more freedom and the biggest advantage of this freedom is that any type of abstract art can be interpreted in a completely different way by different people. so the edges of the abstract art are very blurred which makes it a great option for a unisex home.

Apart from this, I think that abstract art is very creative and it will elevate your space and make it look much more inspiring.

4. Feminine and Masculine Textures

If you want to create a unisex home you should have a balanced mixture of feminine and masculine textures. so what do I mean by feminine and masculine textures is, I prefer softer fluffier and thinner textures as feminine textures like satin, velvet, and fur I prefer thicker inflexible, harder, and also simple designs as masculine such as leather and heavy wool textures.

You should both use feminine and masculine textiles in an equal amount in your home if you want to have a genderless feeling in your house.

This will also create a great contrast in your home which is very exciting and interesting so you should give this one a try.

5.Simple Lighting fixtures

How to Design a Gender Neutral Home 2021

If you want to create a gender-neutral home you should prefer simple and modern lighting fixtures in your house.
So if you are wondering if you can use chandeliers or exaggerated lighting fixtures in a gender-neutral home my short answer will be no.

Lighting fixtures that are very popular in industrial and also mid-century style can be a great option for you because they are mostly simple in design but at the same time, they have a sculptural statement effect.

6.Simple bedding design

You should avoid using a complex bedding design in your bedroom if you want to achieve a unisex look so what do I mean by complex bedding design well first of all patterns should be fairly simple rather than dense and tiring for your eyes.

So you should avoid heavy patterns in your space. so if you are wondering what you should use let me tell you, you can use modern geometrical forms as I have just said before or this is very important guys you can go for very simple designs that highlight the material rather than the pattern in your space and trust me this is a great way to have a gender-neutral feeling in your space.

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Another thing is that you should always keep your cushions tidy and please don’t overload your bed with thousands of different cushions go for bigger cushions and only get a few for your bed.

So avoid anything that can confuse your space so basically keep it simple. Which one are you going to apply in your gender-neutral home design? and which one do you think that is the most useful? so drop your answers in the comment below and let me know but overall I hope you like this blog thank you so much for reading and stay safe until I see you next time take care bye.

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