Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style | Don’t Use This Home Decor in 2021

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021


Have you ever felt like every house started to look similar in some ways?

well, let me tell you the reason is that some home decor trends got so popular over the last couple of years that we came to a point where we should just stop.
so today we will discuss eight home decor trends that are going out of style and we will discuss why these trends should die before we actually start 2021 and hopefully never come back I hope you can learn some things from this blog and apply them to your house if you are curious to let’s go.

1.Open shelves

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

First of all, I don’t even know why using open shelves in kitchen design got so popular over the years because it doesn’t make sense and the reason is that it’s not possible to keep your kitchen in that way like it said display units in Ikea store all the time.
I know it’s so tempting to fall for this mistake because shops are designing these open shelves in a very nice and tidy way that you just want to have the same thing in your house but one second have you ever realized that no one actually uses or even touches those display shelves! yes, that’s my point.

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your home is a real home and people are living inside so of course, it might get messy sometimes but basically, when you use open shelves in your kitchen you display your messiness to everyone.
when you put your plates and glasses on your open shelves it’s really easy for them to collect the dust from the air so you don’t keep your space clean as well.
so guys please let this terrible design idea die in peace before we start 2021.

2. Geometrical patterns rugs

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

I want to start with a question for this one how many of you have seen this rug before? If you have seen let me know if you haven’t seen it trust me you are very lucky because I am sick of seeing the same rug everywhere. I know geometrical patterns rugs are great and they mostly suit any type of space and I do like them and also suggested for my clients in the past but don’t you think that we kind of need a change or shift in this design trend ?.
I do because we have been using this design trend over the let’s say five years and I think it has to end or we should bring a different perspective into this design trend.

3.Books as a decor

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

Now there are really strong different opinions about this design trend so some people think that it’s all right to use the books as a decor item in the space whereas some people think that is very disrespectful.
So I’m just going to explain what I think about it. books can bring so much warmth into any type of space and I completely agree with that and if you are someone who enjoys reading books why not create bookshelves and put your favorite books there and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

But I don’t think that is all right to buy books and just throw them on your shelves just because their cover looks nice or it matches the theme of your room. So I think using books only for decoration purposes in homes should end before 2021 because books are meant for reading and not just for decoration purposes.

4.Fake flowers

I think using fake flowers should have never even been a design trend at all. I still don’t understand why some people need fake flowers in their homes and don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about artificial plants because they are nice artificial plants nowadays but please don’t go for the fake ones for flowers because they look extremely cheap and they can just mess up your space.
Also, it’s one of the biggest design mistakes that you should avoid if you want to elevate your house.

5. Matching furniture

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

The matching furniture trend is another big one that has to end before 2021. first of all, when you use matching furniture you don’t allow yourself to add any kind of character into your space. which is a big problem! because wherever you design you should always add your personality into your space and your space should reflect who you are!
another thing is that 2021 is going to be the year of eclecticism which by the way really makes me excited but overall there is no space for matching furniture and eclecticism, so we shouldn’t see any matching furniture in 2021.
So if you have some matching furniture in your house you should get rid of them or if you don’t want to do that you can transform them by painting or adding some type of details on them let’s jump into the next one.

6.Hollywood lights

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

This trend got so popular over the last two years I must say and it’s one of the piece of furniture that people think that you have to have if you want to have a glam bedroom design I know it looks gorgeous I know it looks luxurious but don’t you think that it’s a bit overused and I also do think that we don’t necessarily need those harsh light bulbs to do our makeup and I find them very tiring.

There are so many other smoother lighting solutions for makeup vanities and I think you should tend to use more of them in 2021 compared to Hollywood mirror lights.

7.Oversized leather sofa

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

The oversized leather sofa trend should end before 2021. They create a visual block in any type of space and it breaks the visual flow so at any cost you should avoid using them in your house.

8.Overdoing shelving

Home Decor Trends Going Out of Style 2021

In the last couple of years, shelving solutions have been really popular and it is still popular but don’t you think that we are overdoing shelving. I know it looks nice in some certain ways and I’m not saying that we should never use shelves in our homes anymore but when you overdo it you just cause visual clutter in your house.
I think overdoing shelving should stop before 2021 and we should find other solutions for our interior problems rather than throwing shelves everywhere! what do you think about these home decor trends and are you still going to use them in your space in 2021!

Drop your answers below and let me know but overall I hope you like this blog and find it helpful!

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