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Top 8 Tips To Decorate With NEUTRAL COLORS 2021





You want to decorate your home with neutral colors, but you are worried that it might look boring or plain well, I understand because working with neutral colors might seem very easy, but it is very tricky and most people don’t know how to work with them and because of that reason they end up with boring space, with no creative visual interest.

With that being said today I’m going to show you how you can decorate your home with neutral colors in a way that looks exciting and also inspiring and I am sure we are going to break the trouble about neutrals being boring in this blog, today I have great tips for you and I can’t wait to share them with you so that you can start transforming your space I hope you enjoyed this blog and find it helpful, without further ado let’s start!

First of all, let’s find out if neutral colors are really what you want to have in your space or not I just want you to think about nature for a second, do you think that it’s boring if you are saying yes well natural color schemes might not be the best option for you and your space, however, if you think that colors of nature makes you feel happy and excited and also inspired I am sure you will enjoy neutral home decor in your space.

So what is the secret of nature and why does it look so appealing, the biggest reason is that we see different shades whose cool and warm undertones coming together harmoniously in nature and that’s the reason makes us happy and inspired. so when we say decorating with neutral colors we don’t necessarily only mean use white or gray in your space because neutral color schemes are more than that!

1.Inspiration From Nature

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So this brings us to the very first tip when we decorate with neutral colors which are always to get inspiration from nature and use a variety of different colors in your space neutrals have a variety of different colors from lighter ones to darker ones cool shades to warm shades.
so there are so many colors that you can play around with so neutrals with cool undertones most of the time feel like green or blue and this includes most grays, in the other hand warm neutrals contain more reds and yellow undertones so this includes tans and browns.

As you can see in this image we see a variety of light white undertones with warm cool or neutral shades or here we can see more mid shades of the neutral colors that we can see in nature bigger is a rich and deeper shade of neutral colors that are again inspired from nature.

This one is also a dark neutral color scheme but it stays more on the cooler side and this image shows a variety of different neutral colors from light to dark with cool or warm undertones and as you can see there are so many options that you can choose from so I highly suggest you to not stuck with only white or beige if you want to decorate your home with neutrals and just take advantage of this diversified color scheme.

2.Creating Contrast

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Using lighter and darker neutral colors in your space is a must if you don’t want your space to look boring, because as we all know contrast is a great way to create interest in your house.

Always remember that beautiful neutral rooms need depth to be unique so picking everything in a similar color will just make a look flat so you should avoid that!

Now if you want to create a more bright and calm space you can only use darker shades on your statement pieces so that they can still add some kind of value and interest but don’t dominate your space or if you enjoy more cozy and smoothy interiors you can use darker shades overall in your space and you can highlight your focal points with lighter shades.

Highlighting architectural features is also very common when we decorate any space with neutral colors, so if you have a fireplace wooden beam sailing tinted glass basically you can highlight them and this will also make your space look much more depends on your style but I am sure you can create a space with exciting details if you mix neutral colors in a balanced way in your home.

3.Choose Furniture With Strong structures

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Another very important tip when you decorate with neutral colors is that you should always choose furniture with strong structures or styles and the reason is that as we don’t necessarily use bright and vibrant colors in our space we kind of need something to make our space look visually satisfying and also interesting at that point structures and defined furniture becomes useful.

Now if you are wondering what is structured or defined furniture is let’s look at this example as you can see on this one it’s a very lovely living room with a variety of dominant and structured furniture so they have a curvy sofa with a very equally soft material which has a cooler undertone and on the other hand, they have a very structured warm neutral armchair that has a strong sense of style as you can see these two pieces of furniture contrasting the approach and it makes the space exciting and I love that, so please think seriously about the shapes of your furniture and accessories because they will be very noticeable in neutral home decor.

4.Geometric Shapes

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Another thing that you should consider when you decorate with neutral colors is that you should always have a variety of different geometrical forms in your space so instead of getting all edgy or curvy furniture add some variety with different forms.

example:If your sofa is minimal with clean lines you can get an oval type of coffee table and maybe a triangular lighting fixture for your space to add more geometrical forms.

So all of these little details make this space look much more complex and sophisticated so it’s really important to have a variety of geometric forms in a neutrally designed space

5.Mixture of Patterns

Another very important aspect when you work with neutral colors is that you should always add more and more patterns rather than using plain textures, trust me when it comes to neutrals patterns can never be enough, and also please don’t limit yourself to use patterns or only on your fabrics so maybe like on your cushions or your throws but also you can add it on your wallpaper and create an accent wall with a nice decoration.

So it depends on your creativity but there are so many ways that you can include patterns in your space so you can even go for furniture with patterns to add more depth into your space or you can go for an eclectic rug with rich details for your neutral home.

by the way guys, I have another blog about how you can decorate your home in eclectic style and if you want to know more about that I will put the link here: How To Have An Eclectic Style In 2021

6.Invest in Good Quality

If you deal with neutral color schemes I highly suggest you invest in good quality pieces because neutrals can easily show their quality and they are not like the colored furniture that can hide their quality behind the colors.

So if it’s not a good one it can easily make your room look cheap, now I know some of you might be on a budget which is completely fine so if you cannot afford a new sofa you can cover yours with a better textile or if you don’t want to change your main piece of furniture in your space that is also completely fine, so you can add handmade neutral wall decor to your space or maybe knitted machines will also work and I’m sure they will even look better than the ones that they sell in the shops.

Always remember that good quality doesn’t always mean being expensive even though in some cases it might be I think it means you need to do more research to get the right piece of furniture or decor item for your space.

7.Sophisticated Spaces

neutral colors

Another very important thing when you decorate with neutral colors is that you should always focus on creating sophisticated spaces and when we say sophisticated spaces the first thing that should come to your mind should be layering.

So how can we layer a variety of different textures and patterns in our space?
well, it is very simple you should just get the textures and patterns that you like and bring them together in a cohesive way it is also very important to create diversity between your layers so you can use materials with different finishes and different colors to add depth into your space.

8.Pop of Color

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Now I also want to say that if you want to add some colors into your space go for it because I don’t believe that we should limit ourselves when we design any type of space.

If you want to add a bit of blue yellow-green or whatever color you like you can definitely use it on your accent pieces or you can also get colorful fresh flowers that can also elevate your space and make it look much more elegant, it will bring so much joy and vibrancy into your space.

So don’t be afraid of adding a little bit of color because neutrals are also great when you design a timeless background so you can always play around with colors!

Do you prefer warm neutrals or cool neutrals in your space drop your answers below and let me know, I hope this blog helps you in some kind of way when you decorate your home with neutral colors and if you need any kind of help with your space you can contact me and also make sure to follow me on Instagram at @thecozystyles for daily inspirations again thank you so much for reading and please stay safe until I see you next time take care bye bye you!

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