Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

5 Budget Friendly Interior Design Ideas 2021 | How To Make Your Place Look More EXPENSIVE!

How To Make Your Place Look More Expensive!


Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas 2021

Today we are going to be talking about the top budget-friendly interior design ideas for you to make your home look more expensive.
I’m just going to say these tips are not free they’re not completely super cheap but they are what I think are the biggest bang for your budget that you can get on a project.
I’ve done a couple of commercial renovations for a company and I’ve also done my residential renovation and these are the things that I notice make a big big big impact to make your place look a lot more expensive.


Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Tip number one is about Panel molding. Different moldings that are applied onto the wall you can either paint them out the same color as the paint.

so that creates kind of a subtle textured look you can also paint them a different color so obviously, if you’re going to go for high contrast it’s gonna be a little bit more dramatic. It is going to make a really big impact.

And also what I did in my office is I did wallpaper inside the moldings so I did moldings on the outside and then did wallpaper on the inside. I love panel moldings because they just make the home feel more custom, look a little bit more finished.

It adds kind of just more texture onto the wall and it’s so much more interesting than a plain painted wall.

panel molding is also not that expensive.

you can DIY it yourself I didn’t do it myself for my panel molding but that doesn’t mean that you can’t attempt maybe your handier than I am.

panel molding also saves you money because you add character and interest to a wall without necessarily needing to put a big piece of art or some knickknacks or some furniture if you have a bare wall.

Although you can put art on panel molding you create that real sort of interesting look to have art overtop of panel molding. I think it looks amazing, but even if you don’t just plain old panel molding is still super interesting, it’s a lot more interesting than a plain blank wall.


Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Tip number two you guys are wallpaper. so wallpaper can be crazy and interesting it can also be artful.
you can go for a jungle print you can go for something super geometric. This is best for Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

you can also just go for grass something where you know you’ve got simple with nice texture.
It just creates interest to a wall kind of like panel molding. wallpaper just gives the impression that this place is finished it’s intentional. you’ve done you’ve gone out of your way to do something special and you’re able to go for something maybe really bold and graphic or plain.

I am under no illusion that wallpaper is as cheap as the paint I know paint is cheap it’s always going to be the cheapest option of course but wallpaper saves you by adding dimension and originality to space without necessarily needing to put a bunch of stuff on the wall.

so you’re kind of saving in that respect I think if you walk into a room and it’s just wall-to-wall wallpaper, I mean assuming it’s done correctly it can be really bold and really beautiful and you don’t need to put pieces of art.

I just see people that have a big bare wall and they don’t know what to do with that they may paint it white or gray or blue or whatever or they may be in paint a funky color but they just don’t know what to do with it so they tend to like we overstuff it right like.

we put too much art on the wall we put too many little knickknacks you put like a shelving unit we just don’t know what to do with it.

so we’re just lost and so we put up into crap and the problem with that is that it just looks like you just got a bunch of stuff, it just looks overstuffed but if you just put wallpaper on it becomes a lot more interesting.

It’s super intriguing and it’s kind of acts a little bit like an art unto itself that doesn’t even need anything else. so it kind of saves you money in the long run by not having to put a bunch of stuff on your wall. Think of what you’re not buying by just adding wallpaper.


Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Tip number three you guys is to invest in bold lighting we all know that little gray disk that sits in the middle of a room and it’s that builder-grade sort of gray disk it’s pretty boring it’s pretty blah and it’s such an opportunity because lighting draws your attention. After all, it lights up.

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so go for something big and bold go for something super interesting that you wouldn’t otherwise see. lighting just adds so much character to space you’re able to bring in Wicker you can bring in brass you can bring in matte black you can sort of work with the aesthetic that you’re already doing the room, but you’re able to create sort of something of a focal point and you’re gonna need to add lighting anyway.
so invest in something that’s big and bold and makes a statement.


Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Stick to one design style, so this is probably something that was the most impactful in my design journey. when I started I was just sort of picked things that I liked I would go to the store and go I liked that lamp I liked that table whatever and that’s a great way to start.

unfortunately, I think you’ll also find that in the end because you’re combining different styles it doesn’t end up looking cohesive and it doesn’t the room doesn’t look completely like it’s all working together.

I was very frustrated because I picked out nice things and they’re all things that I liked so why wasn’t it working and the reason is that I  choose so many different design styles that I was bringing in.
so if you like mid-century modern, if you like glam, if you like Japanese Zen, if you like traditional or farmhouse then work with that style and just like really kind of commit to it.

I would say choose a style that you really like buy a bunch of stuff that fits that style and work with that the reason, you’re gonna save money is that, instead of buying stuff and then buying more stuff and then selling the old stuff as it doesn’t work anymore and going out and buying new stuff again, just buy things once.

So everything works together it’s cohesive and it’s going to look way more tailored way more custom and way more like a designer came in and designed it for you.


If you are planning to buy new furniture for your small bedroom you should consider investing in furniture that you can use for multiple purposes.

I don’t know how big is the house is in your country you can let me know in the comment section below but in India, the houses are extremely small so multifunctional furniture is the first thing that I suggest to my clients if their bedroom is small.

The most common and convenient most functional furniture is the foldable ones that you can fold away when you don’t use them such as foldable beds, foldable tables, foldable chairs.

There are also foldable bags that you can use to store your clothes if you don’t have any space to place a board report chest of drawers in your space.

Movable furniture is also quite useful when it comes to small spaces because when you need that space for something else you can easily move the furniture away and you can put it back when you’re done.

If you feel like you can create your multifunctional furniture. I believe it’s a great option because you can optimize your furniture depending on your needs and what you want to see in your space.

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