2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Is 2021 Kitchen Design Trends -The Most Trending Thing Now?

Kitchen Design Trends 2021

The modern designer room consists of a clean and tidy kitchen, a stylish dining room, and a cozy living room arrangement that is suitable for today’s lifestyle.

After all, in our overly busy lives, nothing is more important than time. This special arrangement allows people to combine food preparation and consumption with social and family activities and saves a lot of time. precious!

From a design point of view, this kind of arrangement requires that the decoration is not affected by unnecessary design elements and provides practical, stylish, and simple use. Therefore, modern brands and designers aim for flexible, movable, and neat furniture elements to equip the central part of the home the kitchen, without making the surrounding area too heavy.

After all, these 2021 Kitchen Design Trends, the Most Trending Thing Now? why not?  YES, So below are the 5 trending 2021 kitchen trends that will blow your mind and I also have an additional tip for you guys at the end.

1.Metal texture combined with contrasting color surface

Usually, metal textures are mostly used as an accent for framing of the kitchen .kitchen shelves are given metal coating. Including stone, granite, marble, and occasional wooden accents.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

In rare cases, metal is used for the entire kitchen cabinet. When finished, it has a great effect-especially in a more rustic environment. (Mainly gold and silver luster, copper and brass are used).

2.Visually illuminate the top of the kitchen(use of hanging lights)

Using hanging lights or different fancy glass hanging lights makes your kitchen space look more luxurious. Usually, in modern design projects, hanging lights are mostly used.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen hanging lighting provides a luxurious atmosphere. In this kitchen project, the hanging glass lighting on the top of the kitchen adds a certain quality and luxury to the entire space.

3.The oven is the focus of the kitchen

It is not only practical but also a stylish modern choice for kitchen design. As the kitchen oven, sink, or cooking unit can be stored neatly and elegantly, a combination of wall kitchen cabinets with an oven in the middle is a very popular design choice

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Designers often use different shades of the same color or texture duality to emphasize the space. The ovens (even 2 or 3) integrated into the wall can easily be used as a decorative accent.

4.Color selection of kitchen

Pastel tones, pastel blue, in fact, any change from blue to green tones are highly acceptable for kitchen colors this season.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends Black and white color tones are also popular but in a stylish combination with wooden or metallic tones.

5.Popular materials this season

 wood and marble surfaces are very popular. Combined with the monochromatic choice of wood and laminate, they have a fairly clean and stylish effect. Another possibility for luxurious marble and stone combinations is used with different textures and colors.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

6.The trend of limited urban space

The trend of limited urban space is due to shrinking apartments in big cities which has led to creative innovation in modern design.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Essentially, this is an overall furniture unit with two areas; kitchen and bedroom, all of which are combined in a flexible way. due to limited spaces, most people opt for such combined rooms.

Dark kitchens are still fashionable

Of course, we didn’t talk about the shiny black kitchen surfaces that matched the black cabinets in the early 2000s. No, the new season of 2021/2022 is looking for a more modern and classic look, with soft matte surfaces, delicate dark stones, and vine granite or marble bringing back the 2000s trend.

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Observing the current decorating scene, we are glad that modern designers are not afraid to try moody or dramatic dark color tones in the kitchen area. You should not be afraid. With a darker color palette, matching black tones with contrasting brown, wood, gray, taupe, or beige, you will have a stylish, warm kitchen atmosphere.

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The classic beauty and luxury of the stone or marble countertops and cabinet cladding present a specific delicate touch in dark colors and different tones. Especially when paired with clean and modern lines and absolutely simple expression.

There are countless combinations that you can make to make your kitchen look spectacular this 2020. Every detail counts, so we recommend you see what it would look like with each piece of furniture or accessory that you include.

 The most important thing is that they stay, faithful to your taste and give you that satisfaction of having a beautiful space because here you will spend a large part of your time at home.


Dare to design your dream home!

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